Custom Beagle Spaniel Dog Portraits

Custom Beagle Spaniel Dog Portraits

Custom Dog Portrait Best In Show Award

Name: Rocky.
Age: 16 months.
Breed: Rocky is a rescue from Battersea. He is a mix of 51% Beagle and 40% Spaniel … 10% other dogs!
Owner: Stuart.

This is our first ‘Best in Show’ – to kick start the dog show season for 2022.

All About Dogs (Newbury) was held on Sunday and Easter Monday, although in spring, it felt like we had a very sunny and summery weekend at the beautiful grounds of Newbury. We were outnumbered by dogs – which felt great. Some of which were familiar dog faces, as a few of our customers from previous shows stopped by to say hi and check out our latest costumes. Great weekend through and through.

Although we’re in our second year of giving ‘Best in Show’ it never seems to get easier for us to decide on the winner. We’re attached to every custom artwork we make and when we get to meet the dog and owner in person, it gives us a snapshot of their personality. We felt like it was something special about Rocky when we meet him. The costume also feels reminiscent of easter, with the colours of yellow blossom and ducks that have been whisked up in the wicker basket.

Rocky might have been based in the city when he was at Battersea as a rescue. But his owner Stuart often takes him to visit a farm in Cornwall, and the costume reminded him of those holidays being away. A very fitting tribute to long walks around a farm estate and hopefully a few treats along the way.

Our next show we will be attending is Dogfest at Knebworth House 10th & 11th September.