Custom Pug Renaissance Dog Portraits

Custom Dog Portrait Best In Show Award

Name: Juno.
Age: 18 months old.
Breed: Pug.
Owner: This artwork was gifted to Daniel from his friend Caroline. This particular costume was chosen as it was Daniel’s grandmother’s favourite painting, being in memorandum of her. We all feel incredibly touched to have created this custom artwork for this considerate and thoughtful present.

Our third and final ‘Best In Show’ award wrap up our dog shows for 2021. DogFest (South) was held over a warm and sunny weekend in September at the stunning grounds of Knebworth House. It was a fun weekend filled with more dogs than humans and late summer heat.

It’s never easy to pick our favourite artwork – as we all feel attached to every custom artwork we make. We did however feel that the ambiguous expression on Juno’s face and her big puppy eyes created a sense of mystery around her. Somehow Juno almost becomes a dog equivalent of the girl depicted in the original painting by Johannes Vermeer. This mysterious quality paired with her obvious cuteness makes her very memorable. So memorable in fact, that all three of us put her forward as a suggestion for this award.

We are really pleased giving Juno our final ‘Best in Show’ this year and look forward to attending more dog shows next summer in 2022. It has been a crazy couple of years with the pandemic, but we are happy that this business which we built during lockdown, has brought joy to our customers around the country.