Dog Portrait Illustrations

Dog Portrait Illustrations Digital File

Dog Portrait Illustrations – Digital File

Nellie has melted all of us at the office with her big puppy eyes and big feminine bow. As all our illustrations are bespoke we couldn’t help wondering what her personality is like.

Cai, who ordered his artwork as a present for his mum, kindly painted a picture of her. Nellie is six months old and follows her mum everywhere – even in a backpack to the shops!

She is a high energy puppy and can almost jump a whopping meter (!) up in the air to make sure she can lick the faces of people she loves.

Nellie has that sparkle in her eyes so we’re not surprised that she lives her life to the fullest. Her somewhat calm demeanour in the illustration, must be after a long day of shopping and licking faces – as she comes across as a calm puppy.

We are so pleased that Cai commissioned us to create his artwork. More samples & costs can be viewed by visiting our Dog Illustrations Shop.