A Ridgeless Ridgeback called Grace

Ridgeless Ridgeback Photography
Ridgeless Ridgeback
Ridgeless Ridgeback Photo
Ridgeless Ridgeback Dog

Ridgeless Ridgeback Photography

Peter asked us to document a fascinating game of fetch that he played with Grace who retrieved a ball he threw into the River Thames.

Grace loved this playful game and taking off from the embankment she lived up to her name and flew gracefully through the air before landing in the Thames in a huge splash. Retrieving the ball she wanted to do it again and again.

We also had fun. To get the best possible images we decided to photograph Grace from 3 different angles a) Directly opposite with a long lens b) Underneath from a rowing boat c) From the point where Grace took to the air – we felt that this angle gave the most dramatic images. Lying down using a wide angle lens we managed to capture her in full length at the point of take off.