Nipper the HMV Dog

Nipper HMV Dog

Nipper the Iconic His Maters Voice (HMV) Dog

Nipper (1884 – September 1895) is quite possibly one of the most recognised dogs around the world. The Jack Russell terrier (mixed) served as a model for an 1898 painting by Francis Barraud titled His Master’s Voice. Most of us would not know of the painting, but instead the trademark HMV, which is recognised worldwide. The famous dog-and-gramophone was used by several record companies and their associated company brands. 

Nipper HMV Dog His Masters Voice
Nipper His Masters Voice Dog

Nipper originally lived with his owner, Mark Henry Barraud, in the Prince’s Theatre where Barraud was a Scenery Designer. When Barraud passed away in 1887, Nipper was given to his widow whom lived Kingston upon Thames. 

Years later, Nipper passed away from natural causes in 1895 and was buried in Kingston upon Thames, Clarence Street, in a small park surrounded by magnolia trees. As time passed and the area was built upon a branch of Lloyds Bank now occupies the site. On the wall of the bank, just inside the entrance there is a brass plaque commemorating Nipper as an icon. 

Nipper Alley Kingston HMV Dog

Nipper Alley

On 10th March 2010, a small road near the dog’s final resting place in Kingston. Upon Thames was officially named Nipper Alley to honour the famous resident. With one of our offices being in Kingston we made the trip to Nipper Alley, paying tribute to this good boy who is still recognised a century later.