Dog Canvas Wall Art

Dog Canvas Wall Art
Commercial Dog Canvas Wall Art
Personalised Dog Wall Art

Personalised Canvas Wall Art

Tucked away in a beautiful residential area of Windsor, you’ll come across a beloved local gem that was established in 1901: The Alma Pub. This little oasis is frequently visited by its neighbours and their dogs alike, and it has the interior to match the owners’ love of dogs.

We are delighted that for the pub’s recent refitting they chose Four Legs One Tale to provide the wall art with four striking framed custom dog canvasses.

Each canvas is personalised and feature Left to right: Haggis (Aviator), Ollie (RAF pilot), Piper (Braveheart), Billy (Farmer).

Wall Art
Commercial Wall Art

It doesn’t come as a surprise that this is a dog-friendly pub, even if you managed to miss the big sign outside with large lettering ‘Dog Friendly’. Throughout the pub there are several highlights that nod to the love of dogs.

Dog Artwork

For instance, when you grab your pint at the bar there is a nice little something (gravy bones) you can pick up for free that will have your pooch’s tail wagging.

Alma Pub Windsor

If you’re a local in Windsor, chances are that you’ve already had a couple of pints at the Alma.
But if you’re from the wider area, it’s a pub worth a visit that gives some respite from the busy centre of Windsor.
This blog post has not been sponsored by The Alma, but we are pleased to have our artwork on the wall at a local business – especially where they might love dogs as much as we do!