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We had seen this pile of logs in a field in Eton and thought at the time that this would be a nice location for a photo shoot … which we did a couple of weeks later with the grand old lady Pearl, a twelve year old Labrador.

We picked the day and waited until early evening for the low setting sun, the ‘golden hour’ as it is called. The light was warm & soft and lit up the logs perfectly.
Pearl in her old age has some difficulty in walking so we decided to just take sitting portraits of her. We lifted her up on the logs and placed her on a comfortable favourite rug that is out of view, she enjoyed the elevated position and the warmth of the logs.

For the technically interested 2 ProPhoto B10 flash units were used together with 2′ Octa softboxes.
In the image as seen above the flash to the left took out some cast shadows and the flash above separated her from the darker background.