Most Popular Dog Names 2020-2021

Most Popular Dog Names 2020 - 2021

Poppy was a popular dog name in 2020 and still is in 2021. The pandemic has changed the way we name our dogs.

Over the past pandemic year, we have been reliant on our four-legged friends. Everyday life has been flipped upside down; we’ve been spending more time at home, balancing work- and home-life within the same walls. Going for walkies with our loyal companions has given us a breath of fresh air throughout multiple lockdowns as it has given us purpose and a change of scenery.

Just as our lives have drastically changed throughout the pandemic, so too have the trends for picking our dogs’ names. Before the pandemic hit last year, the “most popular dog names” list featured Alfie, Bella, Teddy, Luna, Milo, Buddy, Daisy, and Poppy – all two-syllable for easy recognition, with a hint of 1920s household staff.

There are many websites that compile lists of “favourite dog names” and we have looked at 2 and according to Bought By Many & Rover the pandemic has since inspired new dog names, such as Zoom, Vax, Furlough, and Covid. Lock-down inspired “Lockie” and even “Boris” has seen a rise in popularity. These trends truly reflect how we have adapted our way of life since Covid-19, which has changed the way we name our dogs.

* Milo

* Luna

* Teddy

* Buddy

* Lola

* Ruby

* Bella

* Alfie

* Daisy

* Poppy

New names for 2020 (and where they came from)

* Lockie – short for ‘lockdown’.

* Kobe – after late basketball player Kobe Bryant.

* Lupo – after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s dog.

* Captain – after Captain Tom.

* Donald – after former president Donald Trump.

* Boris – after Boris Johnson.

Most Popular Dog Names 2020 - 2021

Will you call your dog Bailey in 2021?

Animal behaviourists suggest a two-syllable, easily recognisable name works best for recall, which is perhaps why, according to new research by Animed Direct, Alfie, Poppy and Bailey are likely to be the most-loved dog names in the UK for 2021.

Bailey is also predicted to be a top male name according to CountryLiving along with Charlie & Max, Rover have Bella, Luna & Lucy as their top 3 female names.

We’ve all spent a lot of time this year calling out our dogs’ names across busy parks. But how do we really name our dogs? Choosing a name that reflects the unique personality of your dog, but is still easy to yell out on a walk, can be a hard decision.

What have you named your four-legged friend? Did you spot his or her name on the “most popular dog names” list? Is it, perhaps, a young puppy that has been named in line with something from the pandemic? Have you opted for a recognisable two-syllable name, perhaps without even thinking about it?