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Winston Churchill Custom Personalised Renaissance Pet Dog Portraits On Canvas
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Behind the Artwork

Costume: Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill is the second blog in our ‘behind the artwork’ series as we highlight historic details that make our costumes look the way they do. We make the costumes ourselves, so we make sure to keep them jam-packed with accurate historical references.

Perhaps one of the most recognisable politicians in living memory, Winston Churchill was a larger than life character who is synonymous with the United Kingdom. There are hundreds of books written about the years of him being Prime Minister (1940-1945) and his impact on the Second World War. Churchill even wrote 43 books himself. Famous for his strong views and decisive actions, there is a plethora of literature to delve into – but we’re going to focus on his style choices that make him so distinguishable, even as a dog costume!

Churchill would often dress in three-piece chalk-striped suits with a Homburg on his head, cigar in his mouth, and a dotted black and white silk bow.

His dotted black and white silk bow is synonmous during the years he spent as Prime Minister, which he began to wear in honour of his own father, Randolph Churchill, who liked sporting a polka dot bow tie as well.

Churchill always kept his favourite pocket watch on him, which he wore his entire life and was affectionately known as “The Turnip”. The Breguet No. 765, with minute repeater and split-second seconds hand, was commissioned in 1890 by Churchill’s grandfather, John Spencer-Churchill, the 7th Duke of Marlborough.

Effusing his ‘keep calm and carry on’ spirit, and with his placement outside the most desirable address in United Kingdom, 10 Downing Street – that were photographed ourselves, we feel like our attention to detail is second to none.

Our Winston Churchill costume of course lends itself to a British bulldog, but also any dog that has enough Churchillian flare and attitude to make them a true top dog.

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