Custom Boxer Dog Portraits

Custom Boxer Dog Portraits

Custom Dog Portrait Best in Show Award

Name: Scrumpy 

Age: Six years old

Breed: Boxer

Owner: Susie 

We receive orders from all over the world, so we love it when we get to meet the owners and (especially) their dogs in person during a dog show – particularly when we can give all the good boys and girls some scratches and treats when we take their photo for the artwork.

Scrumpy has been described as a gentle giant by his owner Susie, and his polite and calm personality made him come across as a real gentleman on the day. Sadly, Scrumpy has severe allergies and joint issues causing his face to be a bit swollen, so Susie sent us an old photo that we used for the finished artwork. We got to give him a few treats and scratches in person which was lovely!

Susie picked our Napoleon costume, which is fit for a gentleman and therefore Scrumpy, to bring his personality characteristics to life. Her artwork of Scrumpy now hangs in her old-fashioned hallway, which is very in keeping with her interior theme. 

It’s our final ‘Best in Show’ this year and wraps up a marvelous 2022. We will keep you all updated as to which dog shows we will be attending next year, and we hope to see you there!